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Our History

Peterborough Women’s Aid was formed in 1975. The organisation has grown since that time providing not only safe and secure accommodation to women and children escaping domestic abuse, but also provides specific an Advice Line Services and Outreach.  It has built very strong professional relationships and partnerships with local statutory agencies and other community-based services.  We have developed refuge spaces, staffing and support structures, community, media and training areas to meet increased and changing needs.

Whilst we are proud of our developments we are saddened by the level of need 46 years on.  We believe however that we have in some way, helped to relieve the distress and trauma experienced by women and their children who have been affected by their situations. Our core aim remains the same as when our work began in 1975; that is women and children have the right to live free from domestic violence

Our mission

We recognise that women and children have a right to live their lives free from fear of domestic violence and abuse, and society has a duty to recognise and defend this right.

Women’s Aid is committed to the principles of self help and self determination; we encourage women to seek advice, information, support or refuge to determine their own futures.

“Staying with you made me feel like me again and without your support, I’d be dead”

Ex refuge resident, 2021
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