E-SCAPE for Children and Young People

Supporting Children and Protecting Through Education

The E-Scape Project supports children and young people who are victims of domestic abuse or want to understand healthy relationships.

Peterborough Women’s Aid will be delivering two programmes to children and young people in schools. Healing Together has been put together by clinical and trauma informed experts to ensure children affected by domestic abuse are able to access early trauma informed help. Each session has been carefully crafted so children can learn about how their body and brain works together, their feelings, senses and strategies they can use to help their body and brain feel safe. For more information visit https://www.healing-together.co.uk/

The Day Programme is a unique multimedia programme that uses short films, advertisements and chart music to raise awareness and provide education about domestic abuse and exploitation in a relevant and exciting way. It is a 10-week course that has been designed to use with young people over the age of 14, although can be adapted for use with young people over 11 years.

If you are would like more information our want to find out how to refer into these programmes please contact [email protected]