18 October 23

Empowering New Beginnings: Straightahead UK Champions Support for Peterborough Women’s Aid

We’re delighted to announce that Straightahead UK are now an official supporter of Peterborough Women’s Aid.

The generous support from Straightahead UK will make a significant impact on the lives of local residents and their families. This partnership exemplifies the power of community and the immense positive change that can be fostered through collaborative efforts. Straightahead UK’s commitment to easing financial stresses for these families will empower them with the necessary resources and support to start anew.

Straightahead UK is a remarkable company known for its excellence in generating quality sales leads and new business opportunities in various sectors, including education, transport, plant hire, recruitment, health & care, and food manufacturing.

Vicki Culverhouse, Founder and Managing Director of Straightahead UK commented on the new partnership:

Straightahead UK have always been committed to supporting charities since our inception in 2009. As a predominantly female team, and due to the past life experiences of individuals within the business, we sincerely empathise with and have a great appreciation of the role that the Woman’s Refuge plays in helping women to rebuild their lives free from fear.

Vicki continued

We understand that the families receiving this kind of support have likely escaped from a dangerous situation and will often have no other possessions than the clothes they are wearing. We want to help support these families by easing any financial stresses associated with replenishing the practical items that they need. Everyone needs support from somebody else at some time in their life, nobody can plan or predict that they will end up in situations like those which women and children are escaping daily, and we are proud to offer our financial support so that Refuge can continue the wonderful work they do.

Mandy, CEO of Peterborough Women’s Aid, expressed her gratitude, saying,

We are incredibly grateful for the support from Straightahead UK. Their generosity will play a crucial role in helping us provide essential services and support to the women and children in need. This partnership reflects the strength and compassion of our community, and together, we can continue to make a difference.

Peterborough Women’s Aid remains committed to its mission, and with the invaluable support from Straightahead UK and other compassionate contributors, we can continue to pave the way towards a future free from fear and abuse for all women and children.

Learn more about Straightahead UK on their website: https://www.straightaheaduk.com